The Truth About Zero-Calorie Food

Zero calorie food is food that burns more calories than it adds. For example, a slice of chocolate cake has 400 calories. Your body needs about 150 calories to digest this, leaving 250 calories that add to your body fat. Now, let’s take a zero calorie food like a stick of celery that has only about 5 calories. Since you need 150 calories just to digest it, this means you’re burning 145 calories just to eat it.

So, what kind of food has zero calories? In general, this means food that needs a lot of chewing. Some zero calorie foods are:

Cucumber, celery, tomato, lettuce, asparagus, garlic, spinach, zucchini, lemon, grapefruit, cabbage, gourd, turnip, papaya and pineapple.


Here are a few tips to lose weight with the zero calorie diet:

Go Veg
Meat and eggs don’t fall under zero calorie foods, so its best to have as little of them as possible, or add vegetables to them. (Look at the last tip to see how you can do this).

Go Green
Go in for fruits and veggies that are high in moisture and fiber. The extra bulk from fiber and the water content is proven to keep you fuller for longer, so that you can keep away those cravings and lose weight faster

Solid, Not Liquid
Chewing, digesting and metabolizing burns calories, so munch on a whole celery stick rather than celery soup, and eat whole fruit rather than juicing them. This is a healthier snacking option than chips or cookies too.

Eat raw…
Whenever possible, eat these foods raw. The vitamins in raw fruits and vegetables stimulate tissues to produce enzymes that help break down calories.

… Or Cheat A Little

If you just can’t live without cooked food or meat, make a few changes.

-Add lots of fresh lettuce and tomato to your chicken salad sandwich.

– Make a filling stew with meat and plenty of vegetables

-Add veggies to your omelets and turn them into hearty Spanish omelets.

– Start with fresh fruit and salad before you move on to the main course.

-Opt for fruit in your dessert. Try a light and tasty fruit tart instead of a heavy chocolate mousse.

The process of eating a meal has become a sterile and wearisome process for these dieters who need to calculate and monitor their food every time. Food has become an evil and ominous presence in their life

However, such an attitude is never good in a long term, as the temptation to eat the forbidden apple gets out of their control. So, the resolve of the dieter would be greatly shaken and he would succumb to the allure of those foods which he previously thought to be forbidden.

The success of any weight loss program lies in moderation not complete and outright denial.

Also, one needs to know the importance of weight loss foods. These foods increas the body’s metabolic rate which in turn causes the body to burn more fats and lose weight. The best example of such food is protein.

When regular exercises are done in addition to eating protein, it results in the development of muscles. Also, making these types of muscles converts a large amount of fats stored in the body to energy.

One should also eat the so called “zero calorie foods”. Though they contain calories, they are still called so as they burn more calories during digestion than the amount contained by them.

To your health,

Heidi Shaw

Heidi Shaw

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